I don’t wanna be anything other than me. – Gavin Degraw

This is the disclosure policy for my blog, 24 7 Victoria (www.247Victoria.com):

1. I write 24 7 Victoria myself. Shocking to realize all of this Hemingway quality writing came from me, I know.

2. All of the opinions expressed on my blog are mine. Not a past, present or future sponsor, employer, friend or foe.

3. I accept many forms of compensation, including (but not limited to) sponsorships, speaking engagement fees, paid or sponsored posts, advertising, products, and trips to warm places where I lie on a beach and drink fruity drinks. I’m also open to compensation in the form of pizza or dessert showing up at my door. Hey, sometimes a girl doesn’t want to have to cook dinner.

4. If I find the time, I may set up an Amazon (or other website) affiliate link and link it to the products I review. If I do, then I’ll get a percentage of the sale price every time that product is purchased by someone through my blog. This is how the big bucks will roll in, no doubt.

5. My opinion is my own. It’s not for sale. So if I am given a free dinner or massage or pair of shoes, you can trust I really am telling you how I honestly feel about it. Unless my guy gave it to me, which in that case means, I love it so much. It’s the best thing I’ve ever received. Ever.

6. I am actively seeking sponsors for 24 7 Victoria to help keep it (and myself) going. This includes (but is not limited to) being hired as an event host, conference speaker, panel contributor, radio media tour or satellite media tour campaign spokesperson. And if you pay me, I’d probably be a tour guide for you. Guess you can tell, I have bills that need to be paid. On time.

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