Any name or label you identify yourself with is false. The real you is unbounded and nameless, beyond all labels – Deepak Chopra

24 7 Victoria on the Starbucks recovery room sofa

24 7 Victoria is a blog that goes beyond my last name; beyond the moniker that has brought me years of success.

24 7 Victoria is a way for me to share my life experiences and thoughts on any given day.

I often take the road less traveled. “And that has made all the difference.”

This is an unfiltered blog about my day-to-day life. I know the decision to make this blog unfiltered may make some people unhappy but I can’t live my life according to what makes someone else happy.

Here are five things about me I’ll happily share with you:

  1. I’m afraid to ever dye my hair. Any color. So its always been the same color. A million different shades of brown.
  2. I’ve been told I “have the palette of Mario Batali”. Note, they did not also say bank account.
  3. Island hopping is in my blood having visited my first island (outside of Manhattan) at the age of three weeks.
  4. If I had a choice between dinner with several close friends or dinner with a celebrity, I would choose dinner with my close friends.
  5. Inside my handbag, there’s always some sort of hair accessory since I put my hair up or back the second I’m not working.

And a bonus, of sorts, I’ll answer two questions I keep getting asked – The Eco Pool photo in my blog header was taken while on vacation with my guy on the island of Curacao. And the sofa photo above was taken while I was in Chicago for BlogHer. I was in the Starbucks “Recovery lounge” and that was my very best “trying to recover” look.

xo Victoria

P.S. If you want to send me pretty things or work with me, email: 247Victoria@gmail.com

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