Life List

Things I’ve Never Done But Would Really Like To Do — A Life List of Sorts

  1. Take a yoga class
  2. DONE! I took my very first yoga class with Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser thanks to Brita.

  3. Have acupuncture done
  4. Teeth whitening
  5. Learn how to ride a bike
  6. Have a spa day where I have time to get a mani/pedi, facial and massage. And lunch!
  7. Meet Sidney Poitier

2 thoughts on “Life List

  1. Yoga is amazing and so is acupuncture. Even my furkid has had acupuncture done – more than once, too, and it really helped!

    I’ve been wanting to do the whitening thing, too, but am told that it thins the enamel on your teeth. I’m currently using Tropical Traditions Teeth Cleaner (which is WAY cheaper and all-natural) and can honestly say it’s making a difference.

    Happy Holidays!

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