Easter Egg Hunt

I don’t jay walk.

I turn my phone completely off – not just put it on silent – when I’m on an airplane.

I give back extra money when a grocery story clerk miscounts my change.

I follow rules. I’m a law-abiding citizen.

Except for one thing.

Every Easter, I go on an Easter Egg Hunt throughout Manhattan and buy Kinder eggs for my children.

Kinder eggs are illegal in the United States. Or legally banned for import depending on whom you speak with.

It’s because Kinder Eggs – made by Ferraro – have tiny toys in them posing a choking hazard.

I figure because I’m their parent and I already gave them a talk about being careful when eating one, I can continue their tradition of having Kinder eggs during Easter.

So as long as Kinder Surprise is for sale in Manhattan and my kids continue to love them and behave appropriately when eating them, I plan on buying them.

5 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Interesting- never heard of ’em! Will have to let you know if I ever see them in the DC area.

    Since you’re so law-abiding 364 days a year, breaking a teensy rule for Easter is totally OK!

  2. Victoria, I’ve never heard of Kinder eggs either. I can see why they would be hazardous if a parent is not paying attention, but they look like a fun way to have your chocolate & toy surprise too. Kinda like finding the ring in the middle of a King cake for Mardi Gras! I’ll look for them.

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