Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Dress

I had no intention of watching the Royal Wedding this morning but when I woke a little after six o’clock this morning, I turned on the television and saw Princess Kate’s beautiful Alexander McQueen wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen.

Princess Kate’s wedding dress looks like a modern version of Princess Grace’s beautiful wedding dress.

And like Princess Grace, Princess Kate looked beautiful on her wedding.

So did her sister Pippa who wore a beautiful form fitting cowl neck gown.

(image via Getty Images)

Easter Egg Hunt

I don’t jay walk.

I turn my phone completely off – not just put it on silent – when I’m on an airplane.

I give back extra money when a grocery story clerk miscounts my change.

I follow rules. I’m a law-abiding citizen.

Except for one thing.

Every Easter, I go on an Easter Egg Hunt throughout Manhattan and buy Kinder eggs for my children.

Kinder eggs are illegal in the United States. Or legally banned for import depending on whom you speak with.

It’s because Kinder Eggs – made by Ferraro – have tiny toys in them posing a choking hazard.

I figure because I’m their parent and I already gave them a talk about being careful when eating one, I can continue their tradition of having Kinder eggs during Easter.

So as long as Kinder Surprise is for sale in Manhattan and my kids continue to love them and behave appropriately when eating them, I plan on buying them.

The Story Behind the Dress

I’ve been asked a bunch about the dress I’m wearing in my Twitter avatar and Facebook page.

This one —

Wait … you aren’t following me on Twitter and haven’t ‘liked’ me on Facebook yet? You have got to go do that right now. I’ll wait.

So about the dress…

In June 2009, I threw a Quince party for myself. Similar to a sweet sixteen or bat mitzvah, a quince is held to celebrate a fifteenth birthday. I didn’t have one when I was actually fifteen so I figured that year was the right year for a birthday party fit for a princess.

I planned an evening with fourteen other ladies for dinner at Dos Caminos and dancing at Santos Party House.

The Betsey Johnson Burnout Stripe Organza Strapless Dress I am wearing in my Twitter avatar was the perfect “teen” dress for me to wear on my big day turned night turned day again.

I paid close to $400 for my quince dress and wore it only once. A few weeks after my birthday it found a new home. I gave it to a charity that provides prom dresses to girls who cannot afford them.