iPhone App Review – Similac Baby Journal

Having a two week old baby means I’ve been saying “I can’t believe I’m no longer pregnant” and “Oh my goodness, the baby is finally here” a lot. And because the arrival of the baby has also caused both of us to be a bit sleep deprived, we are constantly asking each other “How long has he been sleeping?” and “What time did he eat last?”

We were using a baby gadget to keep track of his feeding and changing schedule but it broke — can you believe that?! — so I decided to try out a new baby journal app. Similac StrongMoms Baby Journal is a free app available for download on your iPhone or iPod Touch. And whether you are exclusively breast feeding or bottle feeding, the app allows you to keep track of your baby’s schedule.

Similac’s app is really simple to use. You start by entering some info about your baby — including a picture.

Once you start to add the time you feed and how much (or how long) and put some diaper change information in the app, patterns related to your baby’s schedule will be shown in handy trend charts. Now you’ll easily have the answers to “When was the last time he ate?” and predictions for how long he will be asleep.

One nice feature for dads who download the app from Similac is the tips from dads for other dads.

And of course because Similac is the creator of the app, there’s a website link to find out more about feeding your baby as well as an 800 phone number where you can call and ask questions (even if you are exclusively breastfeeding).

One thing I wish the app had as a feature … syncing data to/from another iPhone user. I realized after my guy expressed interest in downloading the app on his phone that we would never have all the feeding/changing/sleeping information on both of our phones. But for a free app, there is a large amount of information saved.

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time by Collective Bias but my opinion is my own.


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