Ottomanelli Brothers Butcher Shop

The National Pork Board invited me to a Ray Lampe and Chris Lilly barbecue event but having a baby a few days old can mean last minute changes to my schedule. I wasn’t able to attend but I was sent the event gift bag. Inside the gift bag was a gift certificate for pork from Ottomanelli Brothers butcher shop.

Ottomanelli Brothers butcher shop is a neighborhood spot that is known for excellent cuts of meat, pork and poultry at great prices. They also have experienced butchers who offer up recipes and cooking instructions for the purchases you are considering.

ottomanelli brothers butcher shop

Since today was such a nice day, we walked over to Ottomanelli Brothers butcher shop this afternoon and spent the gift certificate (and then some!) on two different types of pork. I chose pork loin that would be great served like a “filet mignon”.

My guy went for the cranberry and stuffing stuffed pork roast. And that’s what we are having for dinner tonight –

stuffed pork ottomanelli brothers

For more information about Ottomanelli Brothers butcher shop or the many Ottomanelli Brothers locations visit their website.

Not near an Ottomanelli Brothers? You can shop via their online store or visit the National Pork Board website for some pork recipes.


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