Restaurant Review – Cafe Dalsace – New York

Lunch dates with my mom have sadly become a rare occurrence.

But since her schedule happened to allow, I was able to have lunch with her today. We usually end up at a restaurant I choose. And today was no different. (You have to love that my mother is so cool about always letting me pick the restaurant.)

The only difference is that today was bitterly cold out. And I’m also in my last weeks of pregnancy so I want to be close to home am I’m not really interested in walking much to a restaurant.

I picked a neighborhood place I’ve been to before with her a few times — Cafe D’Alsace.

Cafe D’Alsace is a French-German restaurant that has always offered pretty good food for the price. With an affordable year round prix fixe menu, it’s hard to not visit the place at least once if you are a regular in the area.

Unfortunately, this time my experience at Cafe D’Alsace from beginning to end was mediocre.

Nothing was jumping out at me from the prix fixe menu but I stuck to choosing from it. My mother urged me to order from the regular menu but I was just so happy to get some time to chat with her, I didn’t feel like wasting time going through the extensive regular menu when we could be catching up.

For an appetizer, I went with the wild mushroom ravioli with reggiano and white truffle oil.

They sliced quite a bit of reggiano on it making the few pieces of wild mushroom ravioli on the plate have a very strong taste.

My mother chose the Charcuterie plate. She didn’t have any complaints.

For my main course, I ordered the 10 oz. grilled New York strip steak with a Cognac peppercorn sauce and fries.

I wouldn’t be able to order that once the baby arrived so I was looking forward to it. Regrettably, the steak was overly peppered and the fries were overdone and over salted.

My mother had the coq au vin. With the weather being cold out, you would think a red wine sauced chicken leg stew with mashed potatoes and bacon would be the perfect choice but my mother didn’t look like she enjoyed her coq au vin much.

We both had profiteroles which were bathing in hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

While the waiter was pleasant, the service was incredibly slow. We should not have been there for more than two hours. Only a handful of people were dining there for lunch.

I’m truly disappointed by the meal I had at Cafe D’Alsace. I have been there several times before and never had such a mediocre dining experience.

Although it seems to be the only decent go-to lunch place in the area, I would definitely not go back before the offerings on their prix fixe menu have changed. I only feel like I may end up there again if I need to eat somewhere nearby because of the lack of lunch options in the area (besides diners — which I am not a fan of at all.) But if walking over to Madison or Fifth Avenue are an option, I would definitely not consider Cafe D’Alsace for future lunch dates.

Cafe D’Alsace is located on Second Avenue at the corner of 88th Street.


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Cafe Dalsace – New York

  1. Hey Victoria, when are you going to review Bento Burger in Greenwich village? At the very least it will photograph better than that overly peppered steak you got! they have a specials service if you text them BentoBurger and your name to 41242 they do do good specials anyway but I think these have even more off and drinks too.. have a great Memorial weekend

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