Snowmageddon Fun

Last night, my guy wanted to go out in the snow (it’s romantic at night!he said) so I decided to not be a stick in the mud and walk with him in the Winter Wonderland happening on the Upper East Side.

With all the wind whipping the snow around, I expected less people out since the snow was coming down pretty fast. We walked along the avenue and surprisingly saw many people outside.

Some of them were outside because of work (guess deliveries don’t stop during a blizzard!) but there were also people just walking around like we were. A couple of restaurants were packed and the first movie theater we passed was definitely open but True Grit had already started. Bad timing or we would have caught it.

We made our way over to a store I never shop in to use a gift card I got for Christmas but they had closed early because of the weather. According to my guy, they were trying to be nice to their employees and let them go home early.

The rest of the stores on the block didn’t feel the same way so we went into the bookstore where I found people acting like everything was normal outside. I also saw some cards for sale quite apropos for the weather.

Stopped by Shake Shack for dinner and then went in the supermarket — not because we needed anything but I think the blizzard happening outside made me think we needed to be prepared. I bought a pack of mini Kit Kats, some scary apple pie tarts and a jug of iced tea. Like I said, we didn’t need anything.

And then before we walked back into our apartment, we took a picture to remember our walk in the Winter Wonderland.


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