Our Holiday Card

After the first printer messed up the color proofs of our holiday card my guy took it to his usual printing place. And I crossed my fingers.

Never have I sent out a holiday card so late.

We were on the verge of sending out New Year’s cards at the rate we were going.

But we got our holiday cards today.

I took a quick snap of it tonight with my iPhone so you could see it. So the fuzziness is courtesy of my iPhone. Our holiday card is just gorgeous in person.

And I think its even more meaningful because we didn’t create a holiday card using a template. My guy designed the card — so proud of him!. And clearly its very apropos for us.

Since my guy is happy with the printing results it looks like this weekend, I will be signing my name and addressing envelopes!

Now it can feel even more like the holiday season around here.


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