Well Hello There Jake

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are photographed topless on the cover of Entertainment Weekly promoting their new movie Love and Other Drugs.

Actually they are topless on three different Entertainment Weekly covers this week.

In that first one, someone apparently told Jake and Anne a rather funny joke.

But in the other two.. they look like awkward without clothing on and then we look like we are intruding on their private moment.

I know what their movie Love and Other Drugs is about and already decided to see it with my guy when it comes out next week.

But I just don’t get why they had to be topless for their EW cover.

Were these covers supposed to sway movie-goers to come see their movie?

Because the cover doesn’t have any effect on whether I would see the movie.

And yes, I realize Jake Gyllenhaal is attractive. But what was Entertainment Weekly thinking?

I’m not a prude but if I was at a newsstand, I wouldn’t buy the magazine this week based on the cover.

Clothes on, people. Not everything has to be Playboy.


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