Making a Mixtape

When I’m lucky enough to open my laptop and I don’t have to quickly respond to emails and then run off to do things on my to-do list, I put some music on.

If I sit at my guy’s desk and write, I play songs from his iTunes. Which can be a hodgepodge of music that makes for one confusing play list.

Thankfully I came across 8Tracks which allows you to make your own internet based mixtape.

You can choose to listen to the play list of other 8Tracks users by choosing a music genre or you can make your own private or public mix tape of at eight least songs. (No more than two songs can be from the same artist or album.)

The play list of user Angie_Ang caught my eye because of its title “Rain outside + fluffy warm covers + girl/boyfriend + book = pretty good day 🙂

She includes a cute song called Must Be Dreamin feat. Rivers Cuomo by Kevin Rudolf.

I decided to make my own public mixtape called “Music to Get You Through A Case of the Mondays … No Matter What Day It Is” My 8Tracks mixtape includes songs by Chairlift, The Ting Tings and The Veronicas.

24 7 Victoria Mix Tape on

Sign up for 8Tracks and let me know when you create a mix tape so I can follow you. And follow me. I’m user 247Victoria — just like on Twitter.


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