Jumping in Puddles

The weather forecast for the next few days looks pretty wet.

Rainy Weather Forecast

Not to be Debbie Downer or anything but I am not a fan of rain in the slightest.

When it rains, I prefer to be indoors. Anywhere. I don’t even have to be asleep and waking up to the sound of rain. Or something romantic. I just hate being outdoors when it rains.

Rainy (and windy) weather has the ability to make even a supermodel look like a drenched rat.

At least the rainy days in the forecast will give me a chance to wear my new Hatley rain boots.

Yes, those are dogs in sail boats.

Hatley Sailing Dogs Rain Boots

I could have easily picked up a pair of Hunter boots and dressed for the rainy weather like 80% of the women in Manhattan do but I decided to go with a fun print when dealing with rain this year.

The jersey lining is soft and the cute buckle on the side makes me feel less grumpy about the weather waiting for me once I step outside.

With these rain boots, there’s even a 70% chance I may even jump in a puddle or two.

Hatley has these rain boots on sale. Grab a pair while you can.


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