Inside The Limelight

For those of you not living in New York or not a Native New Yorker, you may not know that back in the 80s a club called The Limelight was opened by Peter Gatien in an old Episcopal church.

And in the early 90s, The Limelight became the club you could get into as an underage kid if you were nice to the transvestite at the door. And then it closed.

And then it reopened. And then it closed because of the story depicted in Party Monster, the movie starring Macaulay Culkin. And then it reopened as Club Avalon. Then in 2007, The Limelight closed for good.

In May of this year, The Limelight reopened as Limelight Marketplace where kiosks and alcoves housing high end shops and eateries filled brightly lit walkways of the three floors of the old club.

Limelight Marketplace

Limelight Marketplace - photo taken from Limelight Marketplace Facebook

Last night, my guy and I headed inside Limelight Marketplace after dinner (Thai) and a movie (Morning Glory) because when he moved to New York he never went to The Limelight and hadn’t set foot in its current space. And since his significant other just happens to be born and raised New York City, it was her duty to show him around. *smile*

We took in the sights and sounds of Limelight Marketplace stopping to look at children’s gifts and beauty brands which would make good holiday gifts. And in this pregnant woman’s case, quickly stopping to use the unisex bathroom.

I can’t wait until Grimaldi’s arrives so both eating and shopping can be done under one roof. Oh who am I kidding, I’ll be excited to not have to trek to Brooklyn to enjoy Grimaldi’s coal brick oven pizza.

I loved the kitchen accessories (my weakness!) at Whisk, and got tempted by the cookies at Butterfly Bake Shop.
butterfly bakeshop cookies at limelight marketplace

After a taste test, we couldn’t resist the temptation and sat down for gelato at Baci Gelato .

You can read my Baci Gelato review here.

Or visit the Limelight Marketplace at 656 Avenue of the Americas, which is at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 20th Street here in Manhattan.


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