Due Date

Did I mention I’m pregnant?

That’s right, there’s a bun in my oven.

Or to be more specific, according to my iPhone app, there’s a 2.9lb cabbage sized baby growing inside me.

Victoria and Sean - Brunch at The Foundry Grill Sundance Resort

Either way, I’m happy to say, my guy and I are expecting 🙂

My guy affectionately named it, Jelly Bean.

There are several weeks left to go as you can see from the pregnancy ticker below:

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

And that’s a good thing because the other day, my guy and I went from being 90% certain about the baby’s name to pretty much being back to the drawing board. I think. There’s still a chance we may just use the name we decided on before because its pretty difficult finding another name we feel is right.

One thing is for sure, a baby is arriving in a few weeks.

Although my guy did say he hopes the baby waits a bit and arrives on Super Bowl Sunday so the baby can be a Super Bowl baby. Uh, no. And plus, who wants to be in the hospital during the Super Bowl anyway?

Check back for more updates until my due date, which hopefully won’t turn into Super Bowl Sunday.


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