Restaurant Review – A Voce Columbus

Avon invited me to A Voce Columbus in the Time Warner Center for lunch with Jacqueline Bisset who was launching Avon Anew Platinum Serum and Night Cream.

Avon also invited my mother because Avon Anew Platinum is geared towards the sixty year old consumer. My mother was quick to point out when I extended her the invite – “I’m not sixty.” I figure I should also make that clear here. Lest someone assume. *smile*

Either way, Avon provided us with the opportunity to have lunch at A Voce Columbus together so here’s my review of our Mediterranean/Italian lunch.

We started with a selection of vedure (vegetables) — eggplant, calabrian chili, cauliflower, almonds, golden raisins and mushrooms sott’olio, rosemary, garlic
and two types of salumi (salted meats) — prosciutto di tonno, Italy and salumi rossa, California.

My favorite vegetable was the cauliflower because the eggplant was a bit spicy (not overwhelming but distinctly different from the ‘temperature’ of the other vegetables served) and the mushrooms were quite oily.

Focaccia placed on the table was salted and accompanied by a mint and ricotta cream. I liked it. Didn’t see it on the menu so I’m not sure if they are presented to everyone no matter what is ordered or if you have to ask for it specifically. This bread was in addition to toasted ciabatta.

Our antipasti was stracciatella, a delicious plate of creamy pugliese mozzarella, roasted artichokes, lemon thyme, arugula and bresaola.

My secondi was Trota alla griglia ($22) – a trout with crispy fingerlings, bitter greens and anchovy vinaigrette.

While the trout filet was nicely done and I did enjoy the crispy fingerlings, the greens were indeed bitter. Far too bitter for anyone to enjoy. I found myself wishing for a few more crispy fingerlings as I was left to just eat the trout alone not daring to have additional bites of the bitter greens.

For secondi, my mother chose the Pollo al mattone ($24) – a fennel and chili marinated brick chicken, with tuscan greens and gigante white beans.

The size of the chicken completely turned me off from trying some of her dish. I noticed she didn’t finish the chicken and the remainder on the plate was a bit pink. I was glad to not have chosen that option.

For dolci, a dish of Bomboloni alla Toscana tuscan doughnuts ($10) was placed on the table along with bittersweet chocolate. I tried a vanilla cream injected, sugar dusted doughnut both with and without the bittersweet chocolate and I was a very big fan of it without the chocolate.

The Semifreddo di Miele ($10) we were each presented with was a semi-frozen honey mousse with roasted figs and sesame seed. I wasn’t a fan.

Four flavors of gelato were also placed on the table but they weren’t remarkable so a small taste of the two closest to me sufficed.

Lunch at A Voce Columbus was more of a miss than the hit you would expect from a restaurant in Time Warner Center. The lunch was clearly not terrible as many parts of the lunch were enjoyable but as for the whole experience, I wouldn’t immediately consider going back again soon even if someone else was paying.

There are far too many restaurants in that area at that price point offering more. As for the view that is touted on the restaurant’s website, our table was no where near it but we did have to turn in the direction of it for speakers and the sunlight coming in was more of a nuisance than anything else.

I will say the service at A Voce Columbus was amazing. As soon as a friend’s wine glass looked a little low while we waited to be seated, a server brought her a new glass. I also requested tea at the end of lunch instead of the offered coffee and a pot of peppermint was brought over to me.


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