Restaurant Review – The Spotted Pig

I’m not a fan of sceney places in Manhattan. I’m a Native New Yorker so maybe that’s why I don’t need a restaurant to have a celebrity chef or high profile restaurant owner in order to eat there. I’m happy to go to restaurants in and out of the spotlight.

But when Electrolux invited me to dinner in the private kitchen of The Spotted Pig during New York Fashion Week I went. Anyone can eat at a table on one of the two main floors of The Spotted Pig but rare is the opportunity to eat all the way up the candle light stairs next to the bathroom with the shower.

Nichelle, Lindsay, Dana, Isabel and a few other ladies visited the open bar and tasted hors d’oeuvres when we arrived upstairs. The Harlow (which is not the same as a Jean Harlow) was written on the board as a drink suggestion but Isabel and I had “exciting sparkling water”. Her words, not mine. Until my water started having a rave in the glass. My water probably would have still been excitedly bubbling right now if I hadn’t needed to drink it during dessert.

Our menu for the evening was not from the restaurant menu except the Devils on Horseback (hot prunes wrapped in bacon), summer succotash and lemon & lime tart.

private kitchen dining menu at the spotted pig

The Londoner chef (his name escapes me because everyone was busy whispering about how much they liked his accent) demonstrated both the gazpacho and duck confit for us.

Our entree was duck confit with summer succotash. The duck was delicious but rich although I knew that would be the case considering salt and fat are the prime ingredients to this dish. I could have eaten the accompanying summer succotash the entire night.

The Spotted Pig duck confit with summer succotash

The lemon and lime tart with creme fraiche was unbelievably tart and I’m not afraid of desserts that aren’t sugar sweet. Nichelle even commented on a little trick her grandmother does with lemon meringue so it can be more enjoyable.

Overall, this was a good meal at The Spotted Pig with friends. One I would not have been upset about paying for if splitting the bill were to happen at the end of the night.


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