Breaking a Guinness World Record

Know whats great? Before Saturday, the closest I could say I came to helping break a Guinness World Record would be the number of Gummi Bears I’ve eaten in one sitting.

But thanks to an invite from Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos, I was able to join hotel guests at all eleven Great Wolf Lodge properties across the country in an attempt at the World’s Largest Water Slide-a-thon.

For 24 hours straight, guests slid down their new Double Barrell Drop slide in an attempt at breaking the Guiness World Record of “Longest Distance Water Sliding in 24 Hours in Multiple Venues.”

Vera, Liz and I climbed those stairs and were good to go after signing in and taking a photo. (I asked the woman signing us in to take a photo of us with her iPhone and send it to me. She did. People in Pennsylvania are nice!!)

vera, victoria and liz at great wolf lodge

I was fine until the woman at the top told us “What ever you do, don’t let go”.

Let’s just say I may have cried for my mom after the first unexpected drop and screamed because I thought we were going to flip over in the dark tube. Yup, that folks is my review of the first and only time I went on the Double Barrel Drop at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos.

But you know what? My one slide down counted towards their goal and in the end 47,660 sliders (pictures to prove it!) traveled a collective distance of 3,651 miles, beating the old record by 2,808 miles!


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