Free Manicure – Kirstie Alley Essie Life Lick It Color

A couple of days ago, I read online that A&E was promoting Kirstie Alley’s new A&E reality show Kirstie Alley’s Big Life with a free manicures in NY and LA. Well, how about that. It just so happens I live in NY and a free manicure happens to be my favorite kind of manicure.

Dashing Diva salon photo of Essie Life Lick It color

Turns out one of the locations of the free manicures courtesy of A&E is the Dashing Diva location near my guy’s apt. And all I had to do was use Essie nail polish color Life Lick It in order to get the free manicure. I looked up the time Dashing Diva opened and made a plan to get there when the shop opened.

I did a Google search trying to find out what the Essie color Life Lick It looked like. No picture existed. My first thought? Great. I will come back from the nail salon with Smurf colored nails.

Got to Dashing Diva a little after it opened this morning. They already had quite a crowd waiting so I added my name to the 15 minute waiting list. Turns out the only color that was being used today was the special Essie color. No other services where being done. And we would be getting a basic manicure (no soak, no scrub, etc.)

The nail technicians were all wearing Kirstie Alley’s Big Life branded aprons and a few salon workers were wearing purple tee shirts with the show logo on it.

Here’s an up close picture of the Essie color Life Lick It. Not bad. Its a purple that seems to go with every complexion:

Essie Life Lick It color

The scene at the Dashing Divas location on the Upper West Side was pretty fun. Lots of chatting amongst new friends, video clips of Kirstie Alley’s Big Life playing on flat screens, plenty of Dum Dum lollipops available and bottles of Essie Life Lick It.

I had some fun chats. Saved myself some money and got a basic manicure. A win-win situation. And worth going out in the rain for it.

Kirstie Alley’s Big Life starts March 21 on A&E. Here’s a peak at the show:


3 thoughts on “Free Manicure – Kirstie Alley Essie Life Lick It Color

  1. She’s big and brash, even a bit goofy sometimes, but I like her openness and straight talk. Sure shes’s trying to make a come back with her show The Big Life? And sure, she may be plugging her diet loss program, but then which show doesn’t plug something or try to make money. So what do you think of her new show? Have you seen it?

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