New York to the Heart

I was born in New York City so many of the things that tourists do when they visit New York probably were a class trip for me in elementary school. I take the tourist sights and attractions in Manhattan for granted, its true.

But after being invited to a VIP Behind the Scenes tour of both Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall, I couldn’t pass it up. Even if the weather was slushy and my hair was not cooperating at all.

I grabbed my guy (a true sports fan!) and made sure my friend Vera and her awesome cousin Dana (who I have hung out with before) were also going. Too bad Vera’s hubby Bill couldn’t make it for the fun this time.

We started at Madison Square Garden which I have been to several times but since this was a tour I was actually able to weigh in on the scale both Ali and Frazier weighed in on before their boxing match!

Got a chance to meet a Knicks City Dancer.

And then watch the staff break down the concert stage from last night’s Black Eye Peas concert to make room for the stage set up for tonight’s John Mayer concert.

Got a chance to visit the Knicks and Rangers locker rooms.

And then it was time to head over to Radio City Music Hall. On a Double Decker Tour Bus from Gray Line. (I had never been on one before.)

Although I have been to the Radio City Christmas Show twice, it was very cool to be able to stand on the 10,000 square foot Radio City Music Hall stage. It’s the size of a New York City block!

Walking around Radio City Music Hall for an hour with tour guide Alvin was interesting. The stories about the reasons some of the Art Decor elements were chosen were pretty neat.

And we even go to take a picture with a Rockette (in a different costume than the one I took a picture with back in December).


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