I Give Up

I’m Anglican (Episcopalian). Not Catholic.

But every year I try and use Lent as a way to try and do something I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Step out of my comfort zone even just a little.

Last year, I went 40 days without ordering takeout. Not one delivery guy showed up to my door. At times, I was very grumpy about that decision. It was a decision I would most likely never make again for Lent.

I am pretty sure the local delivery services GrubHub, Delivery.com and Seamless Web felt the difference in their monthly profit as I didn’t order breakfast, lunch or dinner from any of them during those days.

Today is the first day of Lent — although after seeing only three people with ashes on their foreheads I wonder how many people will observe the holiday.

I have a few ideas about what I am willing to try and do for 40 days. Haven’t decided yet. Somehow I think it might be food related again.


2 thoughts on “I Give Up

  1. I give up celebrity gossip every year, which is usually harder on my friends that want to dish the dirt than me; this year I added TV to my list, but failed miserably…Reality TV, Why can’t I quit you?!?

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