2010 Grammy Performances

I was busy last night being a good girlfriend so I went to my guy’s friend’s birthday dinner instead of watching the 2010 Grammys at home.

When I got home everyone on Twitter was talking about how amazing the Grammy performances of Pink and Lady Gaga were.

I am sad I missed their performances live because its always really nice to see a great performance as it happens, but I watched them off YouTube.

This is Pink’s performance of Glitter in the Air

I already saw Pink perform in the air at the MTV Awards so I wasn’t really shocked that she was able to perform while in the air. I thought her Glitter in the Air performance was beautiful to watch (get a look at her costume choice!) and was a nice change from the usual over the top, too many people on the stage at once performances the Grammys can sometimes have.

And this is Lady Gaga’s performance of Poker Face and Speechless/Your Face with Elton John

Lady Gaga is known to put on a show. And whether you understand her or not, she always delivers a show for viewers. This performance also delivered a beautiful duet with Sir Elton John. Nice.

Did you watch the Grammys? What was your favorite performance?


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