Loving Life

“If you never have, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss

When we were children we would constantly play but then the day came when it was time for us to get serious, buckle down and study and then go off to work every day. Time to be only responsible. Apparently without any time for play. For silliness. For things that make you smile. I don’t believe that we should give that part of us up entirely.

Over the last month, it seems like a little more public outrage than usual has been happening. And while people don’t need an excuse to be outraged (even when it has nothing to do with their personal well-being), it seems like some people have forgotten how nice it can be to not live such an unhappy life.

Case in point: Dana Hanna got married late last month and while he stood at the altar he updated his Facebook relationship status and sent out this tweet:

People he didn’t know started to give him flack. My first thought was Why? Clearly Dana is a guy who believes in being happy and having fun. He does stuff that his close family and friends would find joy in it and those close to him would not really care he took a moment from his own wedding to enjoy it in a way he felt he should.

A few days ago Will Ferrell made a cameo in the Wedding section of The New York Times for Jessie Fuller and Buck Rodgers — the bridegroom works on the set of Ferrell’s movie, The Others. Big deal. It was different and I thought it was fun. And I personally would just like to give mad props to Jessie for meeting this guy in March and becoming his wife by December. 🙂

Anyway, people started to cry out loud about the sanctity of marriage being destroyed. And the Wedding section bending rules. I feel like those people need a reality check. Its not a wedding or the wedding announcement that matters. That’s right I said it. That’s a reminder I never thought I’d have to say. The number of tiers you have for your wedding cake or the reception location doesn’t matter one bit. You can get married in a public garden, exchange Gummi Saver rings and later dine on Twinkies and have a long lasting happy marriage.

These are wonderful examples of people who are not afraid to be themselves. To show their personality. I feel like sometimes we need a reminder to smile. And to do other things to show your happiness. It will make you feel wonderful. And the world around you will appreciate it. When you are comfortable in truly being yourself, the people around you will be comfortable and life will be grand.

And I’m not just saying this… I really believe in loving life. After all, I’m the girl who stopped for coffee for a friend on the way to my own wedding ceremony.


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