Preparing for the New Year

Just opened an email from LegalZoom which is the legal documents website started by, or backed by, Robert Shapiro. It lists what they think are the top 10 things to do before January 1st.

Here’s their list –

1. Dust off and donate that box of clothes (and get a receipt for tax deductions)
2. Pay your mortgage and property taxes early (and get a deduction this year)
3. Create a personalized Will and get peace of mind in as little as 15 minutes.
4. See your MD before your deductible renews (or your HSA expires)
5. Transform your dream into your business
6. Be sure your annual New Year’s outfit still fits (before the party)
7. Learn about Living Trusts (finally!)
8. Book the babysitter for New Year’s Eve
9. Patent your invention (no matter what your friends think)
10. Celebrate!

For the last few years I’ve gone through my clothing and tried to give away at least one bag of clothes I knew I would realistically not ever wear again before the New Year. As soon as those clothes are out the door, I always feel a thousand times better. Probably because there is more room in my closet. Yay!

I think the “Transform your dream into your business” statement on their list can be pretty inspiring for many people. The year is ending and many of us want a fresh start in the New Year. This blog is my fresh start so I completely understand everyone feeling like taking a leap into being an entrepreneur … even if its while they still have a day job.

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