TV Show Review – Men of a Certain Age

Each of the actors in Men of a Certain Age have had notable career sucess on their own. So my hopes for the new TNT original series were admittedly high with Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond), Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street) and Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap) teaming up for this men’s mid life dramedy about three longtime friends.

Men Of A Certain Age

Braugher plays Owen, a car salesman working at his dad’s car dealership. Romano is Joe, a separated dad with a gambling problem who runs a party supply store. And Bakula is Terry, a playboy and out of work actor.

Sadly the most interesting part of Men of a Certain Age was the press screener packaging that the thumbdrive (complete with rock mix tape) arrived in.

I lost interest in episode one (after sitting through a predictable roadkill scene) and while that was the only episode provided to me I didnt think I’d necessarily give Men of a Certain Age a second try unless episode two aired while the other shows I usually watched on Mondays were in repeats.

Men of a Certain Age needs better material for these three fine actors.

Men of a Certain Age premieres tonight on TNT at 10 PM EST. I wasn’t a fan of what I watched in the first episode but you be able to watch a few episodes before you decide.


4 thoughts on “TV Show Review – Men of a Certain Age

    • Sadly I wasn’t sent a full episode to review. Maybe if I was sent the entire pilot of Men of a Certain Age I would have had a different opinion. But I doubt it. As the amount of time I was able to watch of the pilot was enough.

  1. I will say I half agree and half disagree Vic- I watched the show the night is was on. I am a 30-something mom of 5 and have watched all these guys since they started out. They casted this show well. The first episode I think was more a”set up” of the characters so we all will know what to expect from each one as the show goes on. It was a bit dry and slow moving but I watched it all. I expect it will get better. I wonder if my hubby is starting to feel any of the things that these men feel- closely relating to Owen. One, because we are still married and hope to remain to be- LOL (19 yrs and going), he and I both have worked in the auto industry- (He as a salesman and I was a Business Manager)- and he has had a heart attack as well as several “episodes” since (relating to Owen’s health)- I would like to think the show will get better, a bit more comedy, a little less “Oh Woe is me” attitude. But we will see. It is definitely not a show that the younger crowd would enjoy. At least in my opinion.
    Thx for your take on it!

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