Movie Review – 12 Men of Christmas

Lifetime sent me a press screener of 12 Men of Christmas starring Kristen Chenoweth last week.

I knew about 12 Men of Christmas because of the commercials featuring Cougar Town hottie Josh Hopkins so I was happy to pop the DVD in.  After all, what could be bad about 12 hot men posing naked for a fundraising calendar.

12 Men of Christmas  - EJ Baxter at Kalispell Search and Rescue

OK, the movie is about more than men posing naked for a calendar. It’s about EJ Baxter, a Manhattan power publicist who finds herself with a cheating fiance and in need of a new job at the same time. With her life turned upside down, she takes a job at the only place that will hire her — the tourism office in a place the complete opposite of Manhattan — Kalispell, Montana. Her job is to raise much needed funds for the search and rescue team. But her idea of having each of the men pose for different calender months is met with resistance.

12 Men of Christmas EJ Baxter in Kalispell Montana

Yes, there’s a lot fish out of water humor but 12 Men of Christmas is just the light hearted, fun, “root for the mean girl turned nice girl” holiday movie you are happy to watch after a busy day.

It airs tonight at 9pm EST with encores throughout the holiday season. And since I know you are wondering, while all the Kalispell search and rescue workers are handsome in their own way, Mr. December is my pick.


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